An all-in-one platform that makes it easier, faster & cheaper to hire, onboard & pay freelance talent in Brazil

✓ Internationally-compliant invoicing tool
✓ Generate invoices in 6 currencies
✓ Payments within 24h to your Husky or Wise account
✓ Add-on compliance and bookkeeping services provided by local accountants




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With Xolo, your 🇧🇷 freelancers get...

  • Internationally compliant invoice generator (multiple currencies supported)
  • Automated international Value Added Tax (VAT) calculator
  • Payments within 24 hours to their Wise or Husky account
  • Add-on compliance & bookkeeping services provided by local accountants
  • Real-time business dashboard
  • Flat-rate fee of 5% on payouts (+0.9% processing fee and 1.9% on card payments)
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so your 🇧🇷 freelancers can...

  • Sign off on contracts and scope of work agreements with international clients
  • Generate internationally compliant invoices in multiple currencies (EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, SEK)
  • Send and track invoices directly from their Xolo dashboard

  • Receive payments via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Withdraw funds from their Xolo business bank account to Husky business account or personal Wise account
  • Get peace of mind knowing their international business is in compliance with local regulations
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  • Add-on services: 360° accounting with local specialists
  • Business registration in Brazil in 24hrs
  • Cross data quarterly from Notas Fiscais + International Invoices + Bank Statements
  • Receive tax statements via email when taxes are due

Our trusted partners in running borderless business from Brazil

Husky: Transferências internacionais sem burocracia
Wise (Transferwise): nemzetközi pénzküldés átutalás | Bank360
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Xolo Go is a great fit for Brazilian freelancers who are...

✓ Knowledge workers offering their services as solopreneurs
✓ Freelancers looking for a fast and easy way to invoice their foreign clients
✓ Digital nomads looking for a remote-friendly invoicing solution
✓ Entrepreneurs testing out a new market or idea

Your freelancer is 10 minutes away from sending you an invoice with Xolo

1. Create a Xolo Go account

We'll need a few details about your freelancer and the kind of business they do

2. Connect a Husky or Wise account

Because they'll need a place to send all that hard-earned money. If they don't have a Husky or Wise account, creating a new one is fast and easy.

3. Verify identity

Your freelancer will need a smartphone and a valid form of ID; our partners at Veriff will take care of the rest.

4. Add client details

Since you're the client here, they'll need to fill in your name, billing address and VAT details. We’ll keep their information on file so they can skip this step next time.

5. Add project details

Add a description of the project, how much they're owed, and payment terms. Our smart technology will take it form here.

6. Click send

Once they click 'send' they can kick back and relax while they wait for their money to arrive!


Xolo Go supports freelancers and solopreneurs offering professional services. Software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing and sale gurus, designers, writers, and translators — to name just a few.

We can't yet support businesses who fall under any of the following categories:

  • Sale of digital goods/services (supported with Xolo Leap)
  • Buying and selling of physical goods (including drop-shipping and Amazon FBA)
  • Activities that require a license: financial services, travel agencies, gambling, etc.
  • Companies involved in the cryptocurrency space
  • Ventures currently raising funding through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Xolo's products aren't a good fit for two distinct types of people:

  • Anyone looking for ways to avoid paying taxes
  • Anyone who holds any lingering nostalgia for the bureaucratic status quo. Usually found happily spending hoursin long lines waiting to have an obscure form stamped by a governemnt official who stopped caring 20 years ago.

Surprisingly simple! We'll ask you a few questions about your business to make sure Xolo is a good fit. We'll also verify your identity with the help of our partners at Veriff. You'll need a valid photo ID and a working camera for this step. Learn more about the identity verification process

When providing a service to a foreign company, it is necessary to comply with two sets of legislation: Brazil's and the country where the client company is located. (We know this sounds difficult and stressful, but making freelancer bureaucracy easier and less stressful is (literally why we exist.)

From the Brazilian side, they need to register a company with a CNPJ, which can be either a MEI or SIMPLES. Did you know that if they have a registered company you pay less taxes than if they declare your income as a natural person?



In exchange for our services we charge a flat-rate fee of 5% plus a 0.9% processing fee whenever you withdraw funds to your personal bank account. We also charge a 5% fee and 0.9% processing fee on any business-related purchases that you expense through your Xolo Go dashboard. But there are no subscriptions, long-term contracts, or surprise fees. 

The TL;DR explanation? We only get paid when you get paid.

Still have questions? We've got answers here!