The best websites for freelancers to find paid gigs

Xolo Go is the perfect tool for freelancers to automate their business admin and free up more of their valuable time. But where should you spend this extra time — Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or Fiverr? Keep reading to find out!

Make the best of freelance sites

Work internationally

International freelance websites such as Upwork or PeoplePerHour give you the opportunity to find customers from all over the world, so your chances of finding exciting work are manyfold.

Find your first customers

Marketplaces are a great way to get started with your freelancing career as you can connect with customers looking for external help and build your portfolio from the ground up.

Test the freelance life

Becoming a freelancer and giving up your 9 to 5 might be a leap into the unknown. Working project-based can help you understand whether this is something you could do full-time.

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The most popular freelance marketplaces

Upwork and Fiverr are often considered the most popular freelance websites for finding work. While Upwork is a great choice for freelancers looking for longer projects, Fiverr caters to both companies and freelancers looking for more short-term gigs.


Freelance websites with vetting systems

Some freelance websites such as PeoplePerHour and TopTal also have a vetting process in place that freelancers have to go through before being accepted to the platform. This works as an extra quality guarantee for companies hiring through these sites.


What about business setup?

While freelance websites are a great way to kickstart your freelance career, it’s also worth planning ahead and thinking of business setup possibilities early on. Xolo provides you with a platform to send invoices and get paid without registering a company.




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Send invoices to customers effortlessly and get paid to your dedicated business bank account that comes with the service.

100% flexible

No commitments or fixed monthly fees — only pay a 5% service fee when you withdraw money to your personal bank account.

Top-tier tools

Enjoy automatic VAT calculation based on customer’s details. Send offers, invoice, reimburse expenses and get paid quickly.

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Jon Xolo customer

So it’s as easy as “this is my project, this is how much I’m charging, this is the invoice, click, send, bye!”. God, the amount of admin I had to do before and I didn't become a freelancer to become an admin expert.

Jon Valdivia - iTheSound

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