A revolutionary way to start your own business

We take care of everything, from the establishment of the company to the accounting.

So how does it work?

We get you set up

We guide you through our onboarding process and get your business going faster than you could ever imagine.

We give you the tools

Enjoy the effortless experience of using our invoicing tool, business banking, and expense management tools.

We keep you going

Our dedicated team will take care of your accounting and notify you if anything needs your attention.

Walter Xolo customer

Xolo Go is reducing my time spent on admin to less than 5 minutes a day. I just upload my invoices and expense receipts and I’m done.

Walter - Blue Technology Expert

Pick your solution

You have two options for doing business.
If you want to get moving fast, Xolo Go will be a great fit.
If you want to develop your own brand and own a real company, Xolo Leap is perfect.


Xolo Go

A virtual company for invoicing your customers

Xolo Go is based on a partnership agreement that allows you to use our legal entity to invoice your customers.

Sign up and verify

Provide your contact information and verify your identity using your webcam and an ID.

Access the platform

Add your customers’ data, your personal bank account information and send your first offer.

Get paid

Customers make payments to your EU IBAN provided by us. Pay out to your personal account anytime.


Xolo Leap

Your own company with e-Residency

We’ll get you set up with a real EU company registered in Estonia. No need to travel since company setup and management is done 100% online.

Get started on setting up your company today

Describe your business

Sign up and give us a bit of information about yourself and describe your planned business.

Apply for e-Residency

In order for us to register your company, you need to apply for e-Residency.

Access bank account

We’ll set you up with an EU business bank account, debit card, and an IBAN as part of the service.

Pay salary or dividends

You can either choose to pay yourself a salary or dividends. It is also possible to reinvest earned profit in your company tax-free.




Clients invoiced via Xolo




Worth of invoices processed


Get things done in your self-service portal

Both Xolo Leap and Xolo Go feature an online self-service tool that you can use anywhere in the world.

Self-service portal

  • Client agreements
    Agree and sign project terms with your customers for transparent and clear communication.
  • Invoices
    Create invoices effortlessly and send them to your customers directly from the self-service.
  • Expenses
    Upload your expense documents for accounting and we will automatically process them.
  • Banking
    Have an overview of your bank account balance and latest transactions in the self-service.

Reporting and compliance covered by us

Our accountants and automated systems take care of managing your business in the background. All you have to do is to send invoices and upload expense documents when needed.


Getting money into your personal bank account

With Xolo Leap you can pay yourself a salary or dividends. With Xolo Go you can withdraw your collected funds whenever you need.

The Full Breakdown

Want to know more about the differences between the solutions?
Check out our full product comparison.


Got questions? We've got answers!
Here are a few of our most popular ones to get you started:

Yes, you can use Go and then start to use Leap. You can use both Go and Leap in parallel, if needed.

Our customers usually use Leap in case:

  • they are ready to start their own registered business or
  • they want to build their own brand or
  • they need a bank deposit guarantee as revenues increase.

You can sign up for Go in parallel to Leap and start using it.

However, if you are a client of Leap, you own your Estonian company and are responsible for it as a shareholder and a board member. With Xolo Leap, you will continue carrying those duties until you close down / liquidate the company.

Not seeing what you're looking for? You can find our full FAQ directory here.