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Collaborate with freelancers from Bulgaria and reduce your admin burden

Freelancing in Bulgaria is a flexible way to make a living that's accessible to both Bulgaria and expats. In the last few years around 10.8% of total employment are self-employed in Bulgarian. And since freelancer compliancy means dealing with Bulgaria's complex bureaucratic system, many companies are turning to freelancer platforms to save time and avoid costly fines.

Work with contractors

Onboard and manage Bulgarian freelancers in seconds

Sign up in seconds and invite your Bulgaria-based contractors to use Xolo Go. Once they've accepted your invitation, they'll be invited to form a partnership with Xolo Go. This partnership allows them to use Xolo's legal framework for compliant invoicing. 




Clients invoiced via Xolo




Worth of invoices processed


How to pay your freelancers in Bulgaria easily

Generate your own VAT-compliant invoices so you can pay your Team members in bulk or one at a time. Once you've clicked "Pay" our system distributes the amount owed to each contractor. They'll be able to immediately withdraw their share to their personal bank account.


VAT fee for freelancers in Bulgaria

When you collaborate with freelancers who use our Xolo Go product, your company won't be liable for VAT payments due to a little something called the reverse-charge principle. Save money while gaining access to a community of reputable, experienced Xolopreneurs!


The biggest problem was how to connect freelancers with us in a way that is legally possible in the EU, with rates that are lightning years ahead of all similar service providers. In addition, working with more than 30 freelancers at the same time can lead to a lot of project management and bureaucracy, which has been greatly simplified, saving us a lot of valuable time.


Davor Mišmaš- COO of Trash Gang

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