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Find out how Xolo Teams can help you work smarter, not harder when it comes to hiring, onboarding and paying a team of independent contractors.  


Fill out the form and pick a time that’s convenient for you. A member of the Xolo team will explain how Teams works and help you decide if its the right fit for you — no hard sells or guilt trips.

Why customers love Xolo Teams

“Xolo gave us the tool to manage the invoicing process for our influencer collaboration project, instead of having all of our external parties invoice separately from different countries. We only had one invoice for the entire project, making it easier for our influencers to get paid.”

Bandai Namco

"Previously we handled all contractors one-by-one and having an overview of who is registered, who is paid etc was taking more time from our management team since volumes / amount of contractors were increasing. The management team needs to focus on growth, not admin operations."

Upsteam OÜ

“Legislation in the European Union can be complicated and outdated when it comes to hiring freelancers as a company. Usually the freelancer would have to create a business entity in order to invoice for his/her work. Xolo eased off this paint beautifully by simplifying the process for the freelancers that are working for us."

Massive Narrative