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Who’s it for?

The program is a great fit for bloggers, influencers, Youtube creators, or freelancers whose audience is looking for ways to start and easily manage their solo business.

Xolo is for digital nomads, expats, and freelancers doing one-person cross-border business, offering their professional or digital services globally. If this describes your audience, you are a perfect fit for the Xolo affiliate program!


Why will your audience love Xolo Go?

Everything is online

Freelancers can register and manage their business 100% online with Xolo Go.

Admin taken care of

Xolo will take care of VAT, accounting and business expenses.

No monthly fees

Xolo Go users will only pay a 5% fee when making payouts to their personal bank accounts.

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The simplest way to start a business and invoice customers in the EU, the US and Canada.

Why join as an affiliate?

  1. Your audience will have access to the most convenient and modern way to do solo business.
  2. We have 5+ years of experience in handling invoices in the amount of €900M+ for our customers.
  3. Our customer service standards are high as is demonstrated by our Trustpilot score of 4.7.
  4. Support from our affiliate team is only an email away. 
Xolo affiliate

Becoming an affiliate

Apply for the program

Sign up via the form below and upon getting accepted, gain access to our affiliate dashboard featuring your personal tracking link, sales and advertising materials

Tell your audience about Xolo

Create quality content for your audience and add your tracking link to it. You can use our advertising materials for inspiration or reach out to get custom ones. We’re happy to help!

Earn monthly commission

Every time your custom link drives sales for Xolo, you get commission. You will receive your payouts once per month via PayPal.

Monthly payouts

When a person becomes Xolo Go's customer, you'll earn 10% of Xolo service fee generated by them each month during the 1st year from signup. Your cut from the sales could be anything from €1 to €1000 per active user per year.

When a person becomes Xolo Leap's customer, you earn 10% of their subscription fees during the 1st year from signup. That means you would earn about €100-200 per year from an active user.

Affiliate earn commissions

Join the program

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asked questions, answered

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Xolo's affiliate program before signing up. It's important to read the documents in full because both describe the principles of the program. 

If you have any questions regarding terms and conditions, please reach out to

Promote Xolo in a way that is the most natural for your audience. We have also prepared some advertising materials, so feel free to use them. You can find them in your affiliate dashboard.

There are also some prohibited activities that you cannot engage in according to our terms and conditions. For example, we prefer to manage our own campaigns so running direct PPC campaigns for Xolo by affiliates is not allowed. 

If you need anything specific regarding Xolo’s branding visuals, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

We can track the usage of your affiliate link for up to 90 days.

We will send you an email with your personal affiliate link and all the necessary information once you are accepted to the program. Additionally, you can find a more detailed explanation on your affiliate dashboard under the FAQ section.

You earn commission when someone who has used your affiliate link becomes our active customer. The commission will be paid out once per month via Paypal. For both products, the minimum payout sum per month is €20. If you earn less in any given month, the funds will be paid out once the amount exceeds the threshold.

The affiliate program is for individuals and businesses with larger audiences (who are potentially interested in Xolo). This includes influencers, content creators and community leaders for online entrepreneurs, for example.

Affiliates create content around Xolo to tell a story for their audience, while the referral program is for happy clients to share their experience with their close family and friends.

With both programs, you can earn money, but the affiliate program is made more for monetization, while the referral program is mostly for sharing a great product.

Get in touch

If there are any questions on your mind related to Xolo's affiliate program, just get in touch via email